— Reverberation of Wave Field

Takanori Tsunoda


慶應義塾大学在学中に立ち上げたDJ TsuJiとのコラボレーションワーク”HeartBreaker”名義での活動は、主にElectoronica/Rockを混在させた形で展開する。 この名義でのプロデュースは、韓国で初めて本格的なR&Bで成功したJAYとのコラボレイトから始まった。

2007年、バンド”MarBell”を結成。味の素スタジアムに於けるX JAPAN主催hide memorial summitから始動させる。1stアルバム『Sister』をリリース後、米国メリーランド州ボルチモアでのFesに出演。

現在は、Hangry&Angry、田村直美、CROWN/有原雅人(ex:drug store cowboy)、Gacharic Spin、美勇伝などのアーティストへの楽曲提供、レコーディング、アレンジ、及びプロデュース等を行う。

2010年から世界的 Gothic Fashion ブランドの h.Naoto の Tokyo Collection やその姉妹ブランドの Show Music も プロデュースし、Goth NightではSUGIZO(LUNA SEA)氏と競演。

ロック、ポップスからハウス、エレクトロ、アンビエント、環境音楽まで網羅し、演奏する楽器もギター、 ベース、ピアノ、和楽器、ターンテーブルと、その場に応じて選択する現代っ子的なスタイルは、ひたすら共作を好み、国内外の多くのミュージシャンと常に制 作を共にし続けていることに依る。


“Takanori was born in Tokyo on August 5th, 1981.
In 2004, he graduated from Keio University’s department of law.
In May 2005, he started his career as a music producer.
In 2008, he made his debut with a rock band named “MarBell.” They started their career by performing at the “Hide Memorial Summit,” an event organized by a famous band, X Japan, in Ajinomoto stadium. Their first full album, “Sister”, was released in May of the same year. In August 2008, they were invited to play at Otakon, one of America’s largest Anime Convention located in Baltimore, Maryland. The band has also been performing several times in Tokyo.
Takanori has also produced and collaborated with many other artists such as Naomi Tamura, an artist who has sold over one million copies of her singles and has made three albums.
He produced the first album for CROWN, the solo project of the vocalist of ‘Drug Store Cowboy’
(Takanori’s favorite band).

Since 2008, he has created many songs for the popular artist Hangry&Angry, a collaboration with the world renowned fashion brand h.Naoto. They are extremely popular and form the iconic image of gothic style. In April 2009, they performed at Sakura-con in Seattle.
Takanori sometimes collaborates with DJ TsuJi as “HeartBreaker”. As HeartBreaker, he first produced “JAY,” a singer who succeeded with R&B. She was featured in the 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP OFFICIAL ALBUM as a representation of Korea. He has also composed a song for “Beyou-den,” a project that included a member of the famous idol group Morning Musume.”
Since 2010, he had been producing the show music for the Tokyo Collection of h.Naoto and their sister brand. He also collaborated with the guitarist, SUGIZO (LUNA SEA member) in an event called Goth Night.


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